Health Care Marketing and Public Relations in Not for Profit Hospitals in Nigeria

  •  Rotimi Gbadeyan    


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Government Hospitals are largely Not for Profit Organisations, because the purpose of establishing them is to
provide Health services to the community, mostly the needy; at little or no cost. Their services are invaluable and
essential. It is therefore, imperative that the Government subsidized the services of these Health Care
Organisations, for people to be able to reap the benefits of its services. However, there are many challenges
faced by these Health Care Organisations like, rise in expectation of patients about their poor service delivery
and increased competition from Private or For Profit Health Care Organisations. This is in addition to the fact
that Health Care Industry is now experiencing a new dawn, where the patients have become more informed
about their Health needs and are no longer submissive to their Physician’s instruction only but play more active
role in their health care related decisions. Thus, Health Care Providers have realized that one of the ways to
manage these challenges is the use of Hospital Marketing and have also discovered that it is easier and less
expensive to retain old patients than to find new ones. The objective of this paper therefore, is to examine how
marketing and Public Relations activities have contributed to the realization of the organizational objectives of
Not for Profit Health Care Organisations in developing country, most especially Nigeria. The study was carried
out in ten out of the sixteen Local Government Areas of Kwara State of Nigeria. The data for the Research was
obtained through Proforma type Questionnaire administered to both Health Care Marketing Staff and Patients
from twenty out of the one hundred and thirty five government hospitals in the state. The test stastic used for the
study are Pearson Correlation and Regression Analysis. The Correlation analysis was employed to determine the
relationship between the Incomes received from Patient and the estimated Marketing budget for the Health Care
Organisations. Regression Analysis was used to explained the effect of education, age, and work experience of
Health Care Marketing Staff on their salaries. Regression was also used to examine the effect of Marketing and
Public Relations activities on quality of service delivery by the Health Care Providers to the People. Results of
the study indicate that there exists a significant relationship between the income received from Patient and
Marketing budget for the Health Care Organisation. The Model fit for the effect of education, age and work
experience on salary is significant at 99 percent while similar result was obtained for the effect of marketing
activities on Hospital Services at 99 percent significant level. The suggested Recommendations for the study
were discussed. Finally, the study concludes that Marketing and Public Relations now emerge as important
Management function not only in Not for Profit Health Care Organisation but also Private or For Profit Health
Care Organisation. The coldness and aloofness normally associated with the Hospital and Medical Community
have given way to a more vibrant one which requires Marketing for sustainability.

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