Impact of Service Quality of Short Messaging Service on Customers Retention; An Empirical Study of Cellular Companies of Pakistan

  •  ishfaq ahmed    


The long term success of organizations depends on many factors. In order to survive service sector organizations need to offer quality in service. These companies try to retain their customers by providing them quality services. The following study examines the service quality of the mobile service providers and retention intentions of the customers’ with this quality. The study focuses only the SMS service provided by telecom organizations. Service quality is measured using 5 dimensions tangibles, empathy, assurance, responsiveness and reliability and relationship is determined with customer satisfaction. The data was collected from 331 university students who use the Short Messaging Service (SMS) of any cellular company. Correlation and regression analysis are used to analyze the data. Results and discussions are presented.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.