Students’ attitude towards the Uses of Internet

  •  Kashif Rehman    
  •  Ahmed Hunjra    
  •  Nadeem Safwan    
  •  Abrar Ahmad    


Internet is a useful tool for all in a technologically advanced world. Internet use for education is very important. It is now in practice to teach school to college to get more out of it. In this study, the emphasis is given on the most important success factor that investigates about Internet usage by students of the University, whether it is an effective learning tool for students and teachers and also examines the level of use Internet and whether the Internet is useful for distance learners. The sample of the data is taken from the universities of the twin cities (Islamabad and Rawalpindi). The quantitative technique for data analysis was SPSS. The results reveal that most students find that the Internet knowledge is essential for students and teachers. Above all respondents in the questionnaire that students feel comfortable using the Internet and provides substantial information and half of those surveyed felt that Internet use is difficult in school. Results show that the Internet is easier to use then the collection of research tools, while the Internet is very important. It is recommended that students should align their potential for significant and positive use of the Internet. Further it is recommended also to educate students to use basic Internet tools.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.