Defining the Concept of Innovation and Firm Innovativeness: A Critical Analysis from Resorce-Based View Perspective

  •  Nur Mohd Zawawi    
  •  Sazali Abd Wahab    
  •  Abdullah Al-Mamun    
  •  Abu Sofian Yaacob    
  •  Naresh Kumar AL Samy    
  •  Syed Ali Fazal    


The primary objective of this paper is to contribute to the existing literatures by comprehensively reviewing the definitions, concept, as well as the importance of innovative and innovativeness in the business world. This review covers various definitions of innovation and innovativeness, multi dimensions of innovation and how this innovation acts to generate a good firm performance and competitive advantage, relying strongly on the famous Resource-Based View theory. Since the term ‘innovation’ itself is quite difficult to interpret, observe or evaluate, as argued by many scholars, this review attempts to provide discussion and enhance understanding on these concepts especially in the firm’s context. This review could shed some dynamic ideas for future researchers to further identify, conceptualize and understand the underlying theories and perspectives which strongly influence the previous, current and future concept of innovation.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.