A Cluster Approach towards Enhancing Chinese- American Trade Opportunities

  •  William J. Lawrence    
  •  Weidong Sun    


For some time now, China has relied heavily on industrial clusters to create an international competitive edge. While the program has been largely successful, China has increasingly had to cope with severe accusations from its trading partners who claim a policy of dumping and selling low quality products with flaws, and hazardous outcomes. Claims are also made that China has not been as mindful of its resource utilization, environment impact, and overall economic efficiency as it should be. The thrust of this paper recognizes that opportunities exist for both the US and China to use this period as one of enhanced communication and cooperative ventures and planning initiatives. It is a hypothesis that cluster analysis offers a major vehicle that shows how all nations can begin to meet the needs of their people and do it in an environmentally and economically responsible manner.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.