An Analysis of Consumers’ Trust, Logistic Infrastructure and Brand Awareness towards E-Commerce Implementation in Kazakhstan

  •  Behrang Samadi    
  •  Behrooz Gharleghi    
  •  Meruyert Syrymbetova    


The current work is done to find the determinants of the e-commerce implementation from customers’ trust, logistic infrastructure and brand awareness. Data are collected through quantitative method, which involved a questionnaire. A questionnaire was obtained gathering data from 143 respondents in the three universities in Kazakhstan. The questionnaires are based on the customers’ trust, logistic infrastructure, and brand awareness with the e-commerce relationship. Theory of Planned Behavior is used for a research study to explain the influence of e-commerce implementation on consumer’s purchasing behavioral intention. The empirical results revealed that logistic infrastructure and brand awareness are the major determinants.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.