Teaching Tactics in Business Schools: A Comparative Viewpoint on Motivation & Leadership Contexts

  •  Nadir Kolachi    


The concept of genius leadership is to lead organization through maintaining ethical standards that covers corporate social responsibility, accountability, employee motivation, employee development and instilling loyalty in particular. Good business schools teach enough to equip the students with the knowledge to be applied on the companies. Bad business schools teach less and require other certifications to know what they can contribute to the organization. Business Schools are the best platform to train students for innovating new businesses and help organizations to manage corporate affairs in most effective manner. Good business schools teach to set goals and bad business schools teach to spoil the set goals. This research is basic in nature and has proposed two models based on the motivation & leadership themes. The first relates to individual perspective and the second is about an organizational perspective. Both the models explain the response of emerging business schools if they follow and apply in order to learn how to set goals at individual & organizational levels.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.