Do Firms Who Give Globally Secure Future Financial Performance? An Investigation of US Service Firms

  •  Cowan Adrian    
  •  Padmanabhan Prasad    
  •  Huang Chia-Hsing    


To date, there is no conclusive evidence on whether current domestic giving impacts future financialperformance. In addition, no one seems to have investigated whether foreign charitable contributions or globalcharitable contributions made by US service firms impact subsequent financial performance. In this paper, usingthe Kinder, Lydenberg, Domini data base (where only the incidence of domestic/foreign giving are recorded) andlogit regression methodology, we show that there is a strong positive correlation between the incidence ofcurrent domestic giving by US service firms and future financial performance for the 2004-2014 period.However, the incidence of current foreign giving (or foreign and domestic giving) does not seem to result infuture financial benefits for US service firms. Specifically, after controlling for the variables traditionallyassociated with giving (foreign and/or domestic), the incidence of current giving is only strongly positivelyassociated with future financial performance for the domestic giving sample.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.