The Impact of the Healthy Services Quality on the Level of the Service Offered by the Jordanian Health Sector from the Perspective of the Patients: An Applied Study

  •  Belal Mathani    
  •  Hamdan AL-Jamal    
  •  Muhammed AL-Jabari    
  •  Ameen AL-Basheer    


In this paper we identify the impact of the dimensions of health services quality on the level of service offered in the Jordanian health sector from the patients’ perspective through a case study undertaken at King Abdullah University Hospital, Jordan. Also to determine the relative importance of the elements and the dimensions of health services quality including: “tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, trust, and empathy”. The study has dealt with the problem through the main following hypothesis: there is no statistical significant at (α=0.05) between the main dimension of the service quality (tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, trust, and empathy) and the level of health service offered at the hospital from the patients’ perspectives. To achieve the objectives of the study, the descriptive analytical approach has been applied. The study has proven that there is a stastical significant between the variables of the study (dimensions) and the level of health services.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.