A Literature Review on Supply Chain Contracts Selection and Coordination under Competing Multi Manufacturers

  •  Xu Liu    
  •  Qi Xu    
  •  Li-Xia Xu    


The paper based on the supply chain which under competing multi manufacturers as the research object, reviews the research of supply chain contracts selection and coordination. By reviewing the relevant, summarizes the various methods of supply chain competition, supply chain contracts and supply chain coordination. The results have guiding significance for supply chain coordination under competing multi manufacturers and improvement of supply chains performance. The paper also researches the direction of future development in this domain. The future of multiple manufacturers under the competition of supply chain contract selection and coordination problems research will further according to the practical problems, using the game theory, optimization theory, the theory of system simulation method, building a decision model and method system, to promote the development of the theory of supply chain management, and to guide the practice of supply chain management has important practical value.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.