Factors Influencing Foreign Direct Investment Inflow in Tanzania

  •  Azizi Senkuku    
  •  Behrooz Gharleghi    


This research explores the relationship between various variables that my influence the foreign direct investment inflow in Tanzania such as government terms and regulations, technology and infrastructure, and abundant of natural resources. The study also highlighted the significance and factor that lead to foreign direct investment. One of the main aims of this research is to find the predictors of the inflow of foreign direct investment in Tanzania and identify these factors. This study has been conducted based on Tanzania and it will focus on foreign direct investment inflow. Several previous findings were provided in literature review to link with study, which provide different studies from different researchers. However the variable was developed using the variables from Tanzania investment centre (TIC) website. A total of 300 respondents were collected using simple randomly sampling. The results showed that two objectives were achieved whereas one showed there is no significant relationship with dependent variable by conducting the regression coefficient results. ANOVA test were also provided to test the degree to which two or more groups vary or differ in their mean.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.