Growth Strategies in Bus?nesses and A Theoretical Approach

  •  Yakup Durmaz    
  •  Ahmet Ilhan    


The strongest factors for keeping businesses alive in today's computational, fast-growing world is growth strategies and outcome of these strategies. Cutthroat competition environment in market conditions increases the importance of scale in businesses. Therefore, "growth" is not anymore an aim, but it is more like a necessity for businesses. Businesses aim to use their sources efficiently in order to gain advantages in competition and survive for many years. However, with this aim come several problems. Competitors, consumers, financial institutions, suppliers, trade-unions, technological developments, economical and judicial factors constitute impediments in the way of attaining objectives. Business management determines growth strategies in accordance with structures of businesses and the competitive environment by applying analysis and methods which will eliminate those impediments. In this study, we aimed to examine the growth strategies of businesses and explain some of these strategies.

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