A Leadership Assessment Center for Graduate Students: Case of Saudi Arabia

  •  Deepanjana Varshney    


The Khaled Alfaisal Administrative leadership Development Program which was conducted in the early part of 2014 had provided a global exposure blended with experiential learning for select graduate university students in Saudi Arabia. The key role of the assessment centre was to observe, evaluate and eventually rate each participant’s performance. The assessment centres was conducted with the aim of creating new opportunities for Saudi graduate students by developing them as leader and make them more marketable. In the program, the students had undergone a series of activities under the observation of university faculties and outside consultants. The competencies examined were intricately related to leadership behaviour which was to be identified for the leadership program and future assignments. The paper also analysed the effectiveness of the assessment centre against the unique Saudi context and discussed the suggestions and future research implications. m, as well as the distribution rate of the dividends and profitability which are reputed in explaining significantly the differences in the indebtedness rate as far as the SME of our sample are concerned.

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