Identification and Measurement of the Factors Affecting Satisfaction Level of Smart Phone Users: Empirical Evidence from Bangladesh

  •  Shobod Nath    
  •  Anup Saha    
  •  Md. Hossain    


This study identifies and measures of the factors affecting satisfaction level of Samsung smart phone users. A total of 100 university’s students are surveyed by applying stratified sampling procedures. Bivariate correlation and multiple regression analysis technique have been applied for testing the hypothesized associations. The study finds that among five independent variables, only two variables (technical and value-added services) are significant and have an impact on customer satisfaction level toward using Samsung smart phone whereas value-added service has most influence on creating satisfaction for smart phone users, followed by technical service. In addition, another finding indicates that there exists a significant positive correlation between the customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, that is, high level of Samsung smart phone users’ satisfaction is correspond with a heightened likelihood towards Samsung brand loyalty. Finally, this study has embark on to assist marketing managers better understand the key drivers (value added and technical services or attributes) of Smart Phone in order to generate and uphold user satisfaction as well as fidelity in an extremely intricate marketplace.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.