How Companies Can Attract the Talented Vietnamese Graduates? An Experimental-Designed Investigation

  •  Hideki Kakinuma    


This study tried to investigate the selection criteria determining talented host country applicants attraction tocompanies operating in Vietnam. Using about 3000 experimental decision-making data retrieved from 63undergraduates using policy-capturing methodology, the results showed that career advancement incentives suchas training and development opportunity and promotional opportunity are more important rather than bothmonetary and environmental incentives at the stage of selecting the initial job after graduation. At the same time,the results also implied that company nationality may not be related to the decisions. The findings mayencourage companies not only to reconsider their provided career advancement opportunities, but also topronounce these improvements on potential applicants. Detailed explanations, practical implications, and futuredirections are provided.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.