Cloud Computing Uses for E-Government in the Middle East Region Opportunities and Challenges

  •  Naser N. ALMutairi    
  •  Shebaib Fahad Thuwaini    


This research paper seeks to investigate the cloud computing opportunities, challenges, and service models for e-government in the Middle East. For more than ten years now, the Internet alongside its correlated Web 2.0 applications have become instrumental to both businesses and consumers as it improves the day to day processes, communication and flow of information both within and with government institutions. A number of e-government services being utilized globally offer societies with comparatively sophisticated applications and services. To this end, government can even improve their web services on offer with the institution of a fiber-based broadband network. As it will be discussed herein, many governments in Middle East have identified the significance of IT in improving and sustaining their economy. The paper will introduce the topic and an overview of cloud computing in the Middle East, followed by the methodology. The literature review part will investigate the many researches done by other authors on the same topic. The facts gathered will then be analyzed and comparison done between Europe and Middle East with regards to the use of cloud computing for e-government before the conclusion and recommendation offered.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.