Towards an Integrated Model for the Competitive Strategies

  •  Hamed Abdalla    


The research aimed to determine and evaluate the importance of the competitive strategies' classifications that the managerial thought has presented so far. It also aimed to provide a comprehensive model for these strategies which is based on a primary rule of determining all the organizations' community categories comprehensively, and all the competitive strategies that should be utilized to deal with every category of those categories. Acontent analysis methodology was employed and a final conclusion was reached: that none of those classifications could provide comprehensive perception of the competitive strategies system which deservesevery organization's interest while managing relations with its markets. It was found that the model divides thepopulation into four categories: category of loyalists to organization's commodities, category of irresolute peopleto organization's commodities, category of disinterested people to organization's commodities and category ofpeople who boycott the organization's commodities. All the competitive strategies pertinent to every divisionwere determined too.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.