The Influence of Training on Employee’s Performance, Organizational Commitment, and Quality of Medical Services at Jordanian Private Hospitals

  •  Salah Diab    
  •  Musa T. Ajlouni    


The purpose of this study is to test The Influence of Training on The Employee's Performance and The Quality of Medical Services on Jordanian Private Hospitals). The data of this study were collected through a (380) questionnaire distributed for all types of job in the Jordanian private hospitals). Grynbach constancy coefficients reached 79%, Percentages, means, standard deviation, ANOVA, and, multiple regressions analysis were used totest the study hypotheses, the results indicate that there's a strong relationship between the training component ingeneral and the independent variables (application the stages of training process, training programs diversity, andused modern technology in training programs), there is a variation influence of the training component (combined) on the Performance of workers, quality of medical services, and organizational commitment. And the mostinfluential on is the quality of medical services, the lowest influential one is the organizational commitments, and there's no influence of the used modern technology in training programs as one of the training component onthe organizational commitments. On the light of the study results the following recommendations may besubmitted create an appropriate regulatory climate, annual training plan, for the process of training and providing appropriate incentives for the trainees, increased the budget allocated for training, in the Jordanian private hospitals, give workers opportunity to choose the training programs, and rationalized administrative decisions regarding the training programs.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.