Impact of Information Technology on Tehran’s Tourism Agencies’ Business Model’s Components

  •  Abdolmajid Mosleh    
  •  Saeed Nosratabadi    


This study was conducted to assess the impact of information technology on the components of the tourism agencies’ business models. A questionnaire was administered to tourism agencies in Tehran (Iran) in 2013(n=110). To achieve the goals of the study structural equation modeling (SEM) using SmartPLS 2.0 software was applied. The findings indicated that information technology had a positive effect on three of components of the tourism agencies’ business models. Information technology affected the element of target customer (P < 0.01), the element of partner network (P < 0.01), and the element of core competencies (P < 0.01). The findings showedthat the business models of tourism agencies are affected by how much their value creation and value offering activities are due to the application of information technology. Managers should be concerned about their information technology infrastructures to enhance the potential of value creation in their business systems.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.