The Impact of Implementing SAP System on Human Resource Management: Application to Saudi Electricity Company

  •  Kamel Khoualdi    
  •  Abdullah Basahel    


This study is aimed at exploring the benefits of using the SAP system to manage the human resource at the Saudi Electricity Company (SECO). After SECO unified power companies across the country, it had an urgent need to standardize its procedures between the business areas in the Kingdom. Therefore, the senior management agreed to start to apply SAP in 2005. The goal of this paper was to reveal the challenges facing the implementation of SAP, identify how to plan the requirements of a human resource information system, and to evaluate the performance of the contractors that implemented the SAP. We used employee feedback to inform our results. More than (90) employees from different locations filled out the evaluation forms. We analyzed the responsesusing SPSS and concluded there was a cost reduction of 33% by using SAP.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.