Core Employees’ Impact on the Performances of Turkish Large Firms: A Research in the Frame of the Resource-Based View of the Firm

  •  Kurtulus Genc    


The basic aim of this study is to explore the impact of core employees on organizational performance with are search conducted on Turkish large firms. Core employees were taken as the personnel, working at the production functions of firms, and their role were examined in frame of the resource-based view. Survey forms were developed by international literature review and sent to top 500 firms of Turkey for 2010, which were determined by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ISO). This study reveals statistically significant relation between value and uniqueness and inimitability levels of core employees and organizational performance, innovation, strategic vision, flexible design, quality orientation, organizational culture, providing employee potential, and product diversity; as a reflection of resource-based view of the firm. Moreover, the analysis of data revealed the value of core employees is more effective than their uniqueness on organizational performances. This research also indicates the valuable and unique human resources of top Turkish firms as one of the basic elements that lead to competitive advantage.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.