The Socio-Economic Impact of Tourism and Entrepreneurs in Luang Prabang Province, Lao PDR

  •  Kongfa Phoummasak    
  •  Xayphone Kongmanila    
  •  Zhou Changchun    


This study examines the Socio-Economic Impact of Tourism and Entrepreneurs in LPB province, Lao PDR by conducting the field survey of 100 entrepreneurs who related to tourism. A questionnaire was designed in form of closed-end in order to collect data. Descriptive method of research was used in this study. The results of the study found the most informants addressed that the development of tourism in LPB force them to improve their entrepreneurs’ skills. Most entrepreneurs posited that tourism influence them to improve their skills in managing businesses, in which were increased their income and personal improvement. Therefore, tourism has impact on their businesses and society changes. However, entrepreneurs’ perception extents to which tourism and entrepreneurship have addressed their socio-economic goal have been achieved to high extent. Furthermore, the study also illustrated that the most entrepreneurs are facing with both of positive and negative impacts of tourism. However, some of them do not want to change their own life-styles and society. They have agreed to promote and develop tourism in order to support local economic growth and local resident’s income. On the contrary, they need to maintain their traditional society. In short, entrepreneurs’ perception extents on tourism and entrepreneurship have enhanced their socio-economic condition.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.