Study on Energy Saving and Emissions Reduction of Thermal Plants in China

  •  Bing’en Kou    


China is in the process of industrialization and electricity is indispensable for rapid growth. At the same time, the “coal-based” energy structure in China will not change perennially, which means, the development of power industry will be subject to the constraints of resources and environment for a long period of time. Therefore, according to the development of electric power industry, energy saving and emission reduction will be an eternal theme. The first part of this essay is the presentation of current situation and achievements. The second part, we summarize five most significant problems existed in current situation. According to the deficiency, we provide improvement measures and suggestions from seven aspects including structure adjustment, internal management, market means and legal system, etc, in order to promote the energy saving and reduce emission smoothly and successfully in the thermal plants in China.

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