Toward A Trustful B To B Relationship

  •  Aida Matri Ben Jemaa    
  •  Nadine Tournois    


Being trusted by the buyer has to be considered as an intangible asset that constitutes a considerable competitive advantage. To enjoy this advantage it becomes ineluctable to determine the trust’s antecedents. This survey tents to bring elements of answer for this problematic in an industrial context.
The emphasis has been placed, in one side, on the importance of trust as a condition of successful relationship marketing, in the other side, on its conceptualization. 
Finally, and while distinguishing two targets of trust, the seller and his salesperson, an empiric verification close to electronic industrial buyers, indicate that several variables influence trust’s development towards the seller firm and its salespersons and that it (trust) can be transferred from the latter to the former.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.