Environmental Factors Affecting Human Resources Management Activities of Turkish Large Firms

  •  Kurtulus Genc    


The basic aim of this study is to present and examine environmental factors affecting human resource activities,which based upon a research conducted on Turkish large firms. Factors that affect human resource management(HRM) activities were divided into two, as internal and external elements. The data for the research weregathered with a survey, and analyzed with various statistical methods. Accordingly, it was achieved that,companies take these internal and external elements into consideration in a high or at least moderate level ingeneral. Moreover, it was found that, “priorities of top management”, “legislations/regulations”, “changes innational economy”, and “qualities of employees” are the top factors affecting HRM activities. It was also seenthat, there is no statistically significant relation between industries, the year of foundation, city of headquarters,ownership type, size and the means of internal or external environmental factors affecting HRM activities. Theresults demonstrate the fit for internal factors and fit for external factors. Also, it was found that, internal andexternal environmental factors are significantly associated. Thus, HRM activities are closely integrated withenvironmental elements, which, should always be considered.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.