Effects of Job Rotation Strategy on High Performance Workplace, in Lake Victoria North Water Services Board, Kenya

  •  Benjamin Tarus    


The study investigates job rotation as a strategy of high performance workplace in Lake Victoria North WaterServices Board in Kenya. High Performance Workplace is very critical to an organization as it determines itsprofitability and given the need to sustain competitive advantage and to improve organizational performance, anumber of organizations have adopted job rotation as a strategy to sustain their existence in the industry. Thestudy utilized explanatory survey design, stratified sampling and simple random sampling in obtaining therespondents. Structural equation model was used for model specification and hypotheses testing. The results ofthe SEM indicated that job rotation significantly predicted high performance workplace (?=0.38, CR=5.938,p<0.001) thereby supporting prior research. The study contributed to development of measurement of variables,factor Reliability coefficients and job rotation model. The findings further indicate that organizations canimprove performance by enhancing job rotation strategy.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.