Perceptions of Firms Learning and Growth under Knowledge Management Approach with Linkage to Balanced Scorecard (BSC): Evidence from a Multinational Corporation of Bangladesh

  •  Md. Habib- Uz- Zaman Khan    
  •  Abdel Karim Halabi    


The study attempts to measure organization’s perception on learning and growth with the help of Balanced scorecard model  in a multinational firm of Bangladesh.That is to say, in this paper it has been shown how a proper and effective knowledge management can make possible the organization's financial success that can be revealed using the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) framework. Additionally, the perception about knowledge management , its linkage to the BSC and its usage have been identified. Primary  data  collected  for conducting  this  emperical  research was carried out through survey method using structured questionnaire. Data were then analysed with the help of bi-variate and  multi-vatiate techniques of statistics. Empirical results of our study suggest that learning and growing organization is one in which knowledge management activities are deployed and expanded with a view to leverage the creativity of all the people in the organization The result also evidenced that BSC, as a strategic performance measurement tool, helps in strategic management by linking some strategically significant, relevant, and interrelated measures or indicators with organizational emphasis on knowledge and learning initiatives.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.