The Operationalisation of Safety Culture for the Malaysian Construction Organisations

  •  Faridah Ismail    
  •  Ahmad Ezanee Hashim    
  •  Razidah Ismail    
  •  Muhd. Zaimi Abdul Majid    


This paper presents the operationalisation of safety culture for the Malaysian construction organisations. Operationalisation is the process of converting a concept into a measure. This measure can be a variable, constant or scale depending upon the situation. Hence, operationalisation will enable the concept to be uniformly understood as there is no measurement has yet been established to enable the industry players to gauge their current state of safety culture. Both qualitative and quantitative methods have unique potential for assessment and a combination of both methods is beneficial towards a comprehensive understanding of safety culture. A mixed methodology is adopted; the preliminary survey and the main survey as an instrument to measure safety culture were developed. The findings revealed that safety culture comprised of the psychological, behavioural and the situational factors’ characteristics created by the senior management.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.