A Study on the Tendency of Sole Proprietorship for American-Funded Investment in China and Our Countermeasures

  •  Ang Ding    


In recent years, many well-known foreign-funded enterprises have accelerated their pace of sole-proprietorship in China. Among them, American-funded ones occupy a large portion of the market share. By means of stock expansion, capital increase and internal acquisition, more and more American partners in co-invested enterprises have managed to control the whole business after years of operation. If we identify the tendency of foreign-funded enterprises toward sole proprietorship and grasp the essence of it, we will be fully armed to improve the quality of using foreign capital in China and strengthen the core competence of Chinese enterprises. Thus, I here present the paper on the tendency of sole proprietorship for foreign-funded enterprises in China, taking the American-funded ones as the specification of the analysis, with a view to providing our countermeasures from the global perspective.

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