Macroeconomic Situations and Policy Adjustments in China

  •  Dongjun Mao    


China has achieved wholly rapid growth, with economic reform and opening-up, since 1978. But the macro-economy is instable and showing prosperity and inflation, and Recession and deflation repeatedly with many times. Excessive fluctuations in the economy are due to macroeconomic policies’ amendments and adjustments, too loose or tight. Economic growth speeds up with macroeconomic fluctuations slowing down in recent years. Improvements in macroeconomic policies have played an important role. 2008 global financial turmoil, Because of the financial crisis in U.S., China's economy came to a standstill, and the relative policies were made with emergent adjustments. It is reasonable and essential that macroeconomic policy are amended and adjusted whether or not China's economy can overcome the crisis as soon as possible.

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