Gender on Customer Based Brand Equity: A Case of OK (Bindura) Supermarket

  •  Albert Musekiwa    
  •  Langton Runyowa    
  •  Felix Chikosha    


In today’s competitive environment gender has become a key success factor used in key marketing decision suchas segmentation, target marketing and relationship marketing. This study sought to determine if there wasdifference on supermarket brand equity and its dimensions for OK supermarket Bindura along gender. Inabsolute terms there was difference between male and female customers when considering means. However,hypotheses test results showed that there was no significant brand equity difference along gender. This wasconsidered to be unsustainable situation when taking into account that female customers were the majority ofcustomers. Consequently, the study recommended that OK stores should intensify marketing efforts towardsfemale customers who formed the majority of its customers.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.