Collaborative Dynamics between Firms and Consumers: an Empirical Review from an Integrated Management Perspective

  •  Eleonora Paolocci    


Combining bibliographic and content analysis, the study quantitatively analyses the scientific production on consumer involvement in marketing and innovation processes, a complex challenge for managers. Recently, the attention given to collaborative approaches has grown exponentially and this area of research has been given new impetus especially by the opportunities that virtual environments offer, and which allow firms to transform new interaction modalities into added value. However, there is a lack of literature reviews which rely on recent data. The topic, from an empirical and longitudinal point of view, appears to be under-explored. Covering the period from 1976 to December 2013, findings show broad trends in the reviewed studies and, extrapolating key concepts, highlight the main dimensions that have to be taken into account to explore the subject. The present review shows that a variety of focal points are used and interdisciplinary influences are expected to continue. Suggestions for future research have also been put forward.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.