The Impact of Leadership Styles on Selection the Areas of Organizational Change (An Empirical Study on the Jordanian Pharmaceutical Companies)

  •  Salah Diab    


The purpose of this study is to test The Impact of Leadership Styles on the Organizational Change Areas (An Empirical Study on the Jordanian Pharmaceutical Companies). Data for this research were collected through a questionnaire from, (240) leaders in all levels of management, from (5) pharmaceutical companies in Jordan, which are; (JPHM), (DADI), (HIKMA), (ACPH), and the (PIC). Grynbach constancy coefficients reached 84.0%, Percentages, Means, standard deviation, and, simple and multiple regressions analysis s were used to test the hypothesized relationships. The results indicate that, The Jordanian pharmaceutical companies (JPCs) practiced both types transformational and Transactional leadership, in different proportions. All the organizational change areas in the (JPCs) are possible, a strongly positive relationship between styles of leadership (transformational and Transactional) combined and the organizational change areas, Inspiration as one of the Transformational leadership elements is the less influential ,in addition to that there’s a variation impact on the organizational change areas for all the leader ship styles elements, transformational leadership does not affect on changes in human resources and job description, On the light of the study results the following recommendations may be submitted, More attention to the transformational leadership style to bring a long-term organizational change, without depends only on the transactional leadership, specially the incentive element, increased the enrichment knowledge of the departments leader through involvement in academic courses Encourage leaders, who have the qualities and skills possessed by transformational leadership style for the assumption Managerial positions in the (JPHs) and other recommendations.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.