Internal Marketing Activities in Higher Education

  •  Shadi Altarifi    


The aim of this paper is to develop valid measurements to investigate the concept of 'Internal Marketing’ (IM) inhigher education institutions. The study confirms that the measurement instrument for IM is the 28items whichcan be validly and reliably measured using the SIX multi-item components of: Employee Development, InternalMarket Research, Internal Communications, Performance Incentives, Management Support and Vision aboutExcellent Service. The effect of IM on job satisfaction, organizational commitment and student satisfaction wasalso hypothesized and tested using SmartPLS.However, the findings indicate that although IM has a significanteffect on job satisfaction and organizational commitment, its effect is not substantial, which means that there areother drivers of job satisfaction and organizational commitment.Therefore, future research is encouraged toidentify those drivers. Moreover, the effect of job satisfaction and organizational commitment on studentsatisfactionis not substantial, which means that although these two variables are necessary, they are notsufficient conditions to ensure student satisfaction.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.