Moderator Effects of Gender in the Job Insecurity—Career Engagement Relationship: A Nigerian Study

  •  David Okurame    


The study explores the moderating effects of gender on the job insecurity – career engagement relationship. Thesurvey involved 223 Nigerian bank employees who gave their personal consent to take part in the research.Results of the hierarchical regression analysis revealed that a significant negative relationship exists betweenperceived job insecurity and career engagement (b= -.67, p < .001). The moderator effects of gender on thenegative relationship between perceived job insecurity and career engagement was significant (b= .20, p < .001).The negative relationship was found to be stronger for men than for women at any particular level of jobinsecurity. In contrast to expectation, women reported significantly higher levels of career engagement than theirmale colleagues. The study finding underscores the need for intervention and provides a framework for furtherstudies.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.