The Status of Ethics in the Entrepreneurial Process

  •  Taoufik Radouche    


Operationalising the notion of ethics, along with its applications in the field of entrepreneurship, has madepossible the investigation of the influence exerted by the socio-cultural, economic, and legal environment onentrepreneurs’ ethical behavior while they engage in the process of entrepreneurship. The purpose of thisresearch is to analyze the impact of socio-cultural, economic, and legal factors on the development of businessethics. On the other hand, we analyze the influence of the development of business ethics on the entrepreneurialprocess.

The population of the study contained 57 Tunisian young entrepreneurs in different sectors. In order to gatheringthe data required for measuring the study variables a questionnaire was developed. The results of the studyshowed that some personal traits as well as certain socio-cultural, economic, and legal factors influence theirdecision during the entrepreneurial process. It has been noticed that there are significant differences between thelevels of development in the ethical orientation characterizing each phase of the entrepreneurial process. Thesedifferences are related to the entrepreneur’s strategy, the organizational environment, and stakeholders’strategies.


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