Measuring Public Transport Satisfaction from User Surveys

  •  Rana Imam    


Customer satisfaction has been considered one of the most important factors in any industry or service due to itsdirect relation to customer retention. Recent estimates indicate that the mode share of public transport in Ammanis only 17%; of these users 65% do not own a car, hence they are considered captive riders. This paper focuseson the user satisfaction with the public transportation system in the city. A user survey was developed to explorethe satisfaction of bus users, minibus users and jitney users. Bus users were found to be the most satisfied.However, the overall average of satisfaction reflects that generally all users are not sufficiently satisfied with thetransit system. Transport planners and decision makers could utilize the results and findings of this study, tofocus on the attributes that are important for public transport users. The outcomes also direct the attention oftransit authorities and operators towards the attributes that scored low in satisfaction, consequently requiringimprovement. It is necessary to increase user satisfaction through improving the public transport system inAmman, in order to maintain existing users and attract new passengers. These improvements will make the citymore sustainable and reduce the use of private cars in the future. Future research could replicate the adoptedmethodology with public transport users in similar countries for comparison purposes.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.