Competitive Analysis of Tourism Sector in Brazil and Switzerland

  •  Maria Gabriela Montanari    
  •  Janaina Giraldi    
  •  Carlos Campello    


This study analysed the relation between the competitiveness in the touristic sector of Brazil and Switzerlandand the development of both countries, comparing them using a multi-criterion analysis technique calledTOPSIS. The performance of the countries was assessed based onthe similarity with an ideal solution, accordingto the pillars of competitiveness in tourism criteria, extracted from the accredited World Index ofCompetitiveness in Tourism of 2009. Results give a general and simplified view of these two countries withregard to their competitiveness in tourism, facilitating a direct comparison and showing the superiority ofSwitzerland in relation to Brazil. This superiority was shown in terms of countries scores and in the differencesin their ranking positions, consideringdifferent applications of the TOPSIS technique. The information generatedin this study can be used by the tourism sector and by governments of both countries in order to develop actionsand researches in this field.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.