A Model of the Determinants and Outcomes of Salespeople’s Coping Style

  •  Kelly Naletelich    
  •  Jeffrey Sager    
  •  Alan Dubinsky    
  •  Rajesh Srivastava    


The study examines relationships between salespeople’s psychological constructs, coping style, and severalstress-related and performance outcomes. The proposed model of determinants and outcomes of salespeople’scoping style was developed and analyzed in light of the need to advance knowledge regarding how salespeoplecope with chronic job stress. Separate networks of determinants and outcomes exist for PFC and EFC. Use ofPFC appears to be facilitated by a clearer understanding of one’s job role (increased role clarity) along with ahigher level of confidence in one’s job skills (self-efficacy). Furthermore, PFC has a direct impact on job andlife satisfaction. Salespeople’s use of EFC apparently is driven by an external focus along with seeking supportfrom friends and coworkers. Also, job stress perceptions arising from perceived role conflict contribute to use ofEFC. EFC, moreover, conduces to burnout, depression, and job dissatisfaction. Managerial and researchimplications are offered.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.