Kuwait Stock Market Participants’ Perceptions of Information Useful to the Investment Decisions

  •  Faisal Alanezi    
  •  Mishari Alfraih    
  •  Hesham Almujamed    


This paper reports the results of an investigation into Kuwaiti multi-investors’ perceptions of the different types ofinformation useful for investment decision-making.

One hundred and sixty-eight useable questionnaires out of 410 with a response rate of 41% were collected. Thequestionnaire targeted key players in the Kuwaiti stock market—namely, analysts, fund managers, individualinvestors and stockbrokers who are involved with investment decisions.

The study found that the most important sources of information to the Kuwaiti multi-investors concerned “generalcorporate information was information about major types of product (services), and for “financial information,”was operating profit. In addition, the most important item in “non-financial information” was new contracts wonby the company. Furthermore, the most important item in “corporate governance information” was corporatestrategies. Moreover, the most important item in “corporate social information” was improvement in customerservices. Finally, the most important item in “type of valuation methods” was fundamental analysis. However,with the exception of some corporate information items, no significant differences were found betweenparticipants’ perceptions. It can be inferred that all the related corporate information sources useful for investmentdecision-making used in this study are important to the all Kuwaiti stock exchange participants.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.