Is Transformational Leadership Region-Centric in Nature?

  •  Niharika Gaan    
  •  Prahlada Gaan    


The study aims at examining the effective operationalization of transformational leadership style which iscontingent upon regional culture. A qualitative approach using a single case revelatory method was adopted.Data were collected from a transformational leader, 22 employees of concerned companies, three districtadministrators and three suppliers who worked under the supervision of the leader and in the process ofoperations. The analysis revealed that successful a transformational leader is predisposed to maverick behaviour;building social capital, self-transcendence; the act of liaising between authorities, public and others stakeholders;a risk-taking ability coupled with operational expertise; and nurturant type leader with personal touch. The studydraws the attention of scholars that transformational leadership is manifested in social milieu and is differentfrom a universal model of transformational leadership. The paper concludes with a framework called “MSC TECRESTL” to understand the phenomenon of transformational leadership which is culturally grounded.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.