A Research on Critical Thinking Tendencies and Factors that Affect Critical Thinking of Higher Education Students

  •  Ramazan Arslan    
  •  Hakan Gulveren    
  •  Erhan Aydin    


This study was conducted to determine the relationship between critical thinking tendencies and levels and thefactors that affect the critical thinking tendencies of higher education students. In the study, critical thinkingtendencies of freshman and senior students were analyzed depending on demographic features, faculties anddepartments.

The research was done on the students of U?ak University. In the study, the data collected through surveys wereanalyzed through regression analysis in order to determine the effects of the dependent and independentvariables; frequency and percentage values, reliability, item factor analysis, KAISER-MEYER-OLKIN:measure of sampling adequacy test, Bartlett's test of sphericity using SPSS 18.0.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.