The Value and Effect of the Tourism Industry’s Priority to Restoration and Rebuilding after Catastrophe

  •  Hejiang Shen    
  •  Limei Yuan    
  •  Yana Liu    
  •  Ying Zhang    
  •  Wei Fei    


The thing about the tourism industry’s restoration and rebuilding after catastrophe has a great influence not only on sustainable development of tourism destination, as the tourism destination is concerned highly by public, but also on the social judgment on the accessibility of stricken area, except those, it even influences the works which are the restoration and rebuilding of the stricken area’s various constructions and the important criterion, depending on that, the international community determines if the stricken area should be rebuilt completely. So, the restoration and rebuilding of stricken area after catastrophe has the great value and profound meaning on reducing the tourists’ fear and worries about the area happened crisis, and exerting the tourism industry’s effect on all-round social development, which spurs the relevant industries to be reconverted as before.

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