Rural Women Entrepreneurs in Malaysia: What Drives Their Success?

  •  Fatimah Hassan    
  •  Aznarahayu Ramli    
  •  Nasina Mat Desa    


This paper examine the entrepreneurial characteristics (risk taking, ability to explore, confidence anddetermination, willingness and initiative, vision, creativity and innovation, social networking and strategicthinking) that influence the success of rural women entrepreneur in business. The questionnaire is used as a datacollection method that involves a total of 80 rural women entrepreneurs in the northern region of PeninsularMalaysia. Data collected were analysed using SPSS version 20 and SmartPLS 2.0. Findings from the PartialLeast Squares analysis revealed that confidence and determination and vision are the main variables thatinfluence business success of women entrepreneur in rural setting environment. In this regard, it is hoped thatthe findings of this study can help the parties concerned in the design and implementation of the agenda tostimulate the performance of this entrepreneurs to a higher level. It turns out this effort can contributes towardsthe development and transformation of the economy to achieve developed nation status and a high income by2020. Implications, limitations as well as suggestions for future research are accordingly discussed in this paper.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.