Organizational E-Government Readiness: An Investigation in Saudi Arabia

  •  Ibrahim Alghamdi    
  •  Robert Goodwin    
  •  Giselle Rampersad    


Given the significant investment in e-government programs internationally and the pertinent need fore-government readiness to allow such programs to germinate, the purpose of this study is to assessOrganizational E-Government Readiness (OEGR) in Saudi Arabia. Based on interviews held with leadinge-Government officials in Saudi Arabia, the study contributes a conceptual framework to evaluate OEGR factorsin order to advance public sector transformation to E-Government. The study reveals that key factors pertainingto strategy, integration with national E-Government programs, access, portal, process, technology and peopleissues should be critically assessed in evaluating OEGR. The OEGR framework provided in this study issignificant as it can be used by a range of stakeholders including information technology managers and policymakers in improving OEGR within the public sector and thus, in increasing the quality of public service delivery.Academic research examining the main internal organization factors leading to e-Government readiness is stillsparse. The research extends the literature on e-readiness by adopting an organizational level perspective in ane-Government context.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.