Workplace Bullying and Unethical Behaviors: A Mediating Model

  •  Hasan Aleassa    
  •  Omar Megdadi    


Workplace bullying and unethical behaviors are increasingly being recognized as serious problems that warrantattention. However, there is no previous research has investigated the possible effect of workplace bullying onemployees unethical behaviors. So, this study is an attempt to fill this void. Moreover, we investigated whetherthis effect is mediated by psychological ownership. The model of this study was tested using survey datacollected from a sample of 295 commercial bank employees. Results provided support for the proposed model,as workplace bullying predicted employees unethical behaviors and psychological ownership partially mediatedthe workplace bullying-unethical behaviors relationship. Recommendations and directions for future researchare provided.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.