Do We Care about What We Buy or Eat? A Practical Study of the Healthy Foods Eaten by Jordanian Youth

  •  Muhammad Alshurideh    


Scholars and practitioners have taken a deep interest in the food choice of young Jordanians and found that it hasbeen influenced by a variety of determinants that affect consumers of what they buy and eat. Such determinantshave not tested practically from scholars within the Jordanian market context. By reviewing large numbers of foodchoice studies, four factors are found essential and chosen to be investigated practically which are: food products’availability, cost, benefit and sensory appeal. Quantitative analysis approach has been used in this study to collectthe suitable data. Convenience sampling and regression analysis was employed to test the hypotheses. Additionalexplanations can be found of how the hypotheses have been developed and tested.

Results indicated that the main healthy food products choice and purchase determinants are food availability, foodcost, benefits and sensory appeal. Additional explanation of data collection methods, analysis and findings can befound in more details.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.