Change in Managers’ Conceptions of Human Resources in Organisations: Outcomes of an Intervention

  •  Alexis Rydell    
  •  Ing-Marie Andersson    
  •  Ann Hedlund    


Managers’ conceptions of the importance of human resources are essential for creating ‘attractive workplaces’.This paper examines an intervention method aimed at creating insight among managers in small andmedium-sized enterprises (SMEs) concerning the potential of human resources. The intervention method iscalled Focus Group Attractive Work (FGAW) and was conducted at eight enterprises in Sweden. Based on theanalysis, it is concluded that the intervention method seems to be thought-provoking and to facilitate changes inmanagers’ conceptions of the importance of human resources, albeit to different degrees. The researchcontributes to conceptual change literature by being implemented in a new context. In addition, the researchcontributes to management and HR literature by evaluating an intervention method and its ability to changemanagers’ conceptions of human resources.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.