Effects of Socio-Cultural Realities on the Nigerian Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs): Case of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Lagos State

  •  Felicia O. Johnson    
  •  Olusoji George    
  •  Oluwakemi Owoyemi    
  •  Mofope Adegboye    


Socio-cultural realities are importance components in the Nigerian business environment. There is a shortage ofliterature and studies that linked socio-cultural realities to business development and performance.Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) constitutes over 70 per cent of the Nigerian businesses and characteristicallyinformal. The objectives of this paper are in two-folds, namely (i) identify socio-cultural realities in the SMEbusiness environment in Nigeria and; (ii) examine the impact of these factors (in i) on the development of SMEs.Socio-cultural realities were measured from three major factors, namely attitude; religion and values: each ofthis factor were further categorised into several level of constructs. Responses from ten (10) SMEowners/representatives in the five (5) major districts of Lagos state identified the socio-cultural realities as keyfactors affecting their businesses. A further research is recommended to further establish whether these resultsreflect the general condition in other states of Nigeria.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.