Comparative Study of Service Quality in Nigerian Restaurant and Transport Business Organisations

  •  Osaiga Isibor    
  •  Onowe Odia    


A comparative study of customer perception of service delivery among 200 restaurant and 200 interstatetransport sub-sector customers was done. The focus of the study was to determine customers’ perception ofservice quality in the restaurant and transport industry with a view to ascertaining if there is significantdifference between the two sub-sectors in terms of factors that cause customer dissatisfaction. The t-test andz-test were used to analysis the data collected from the customers through questionnaire.

Our finding revealed that customers of both service sub-sectors are fairly satisfied with a significant differencein their service offerings. The outcome of this study also indicated that the reasons for customer dissatisfactionare sub-sector specific and related to the core business of the service organisation. in the light of our finding, wepropose that training and empowering of the frontline staff towards prompt customer service response andservice recovery will help to reduce waiting time and improve employee attitudes in the restaurant and transportbusiness organisations in Benin city in particular and the entire Nigeria in general.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.